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Joe Riscica: The Proud Founder Of Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs

From a young age, working at his uncle’s gas station, Joe realized his passion for cars. He began working at dealerships, honing his mechanical skills along the way. After amassing considerable experience and ASE certifications, Joe decided to branch out on his own. Joe’s philosophy has always been to work with integrity and honesty above all else. Joe knew he could grow a lasting reputable auto repair business from the ground up. With his expertise as an auto technician, his tireless work ethic and his “put customers first” mindset it only made sense for Joe to establish an auto repair facility of his own. In 1982, he did just that.

In the years since the business has grown and expanded to it’s current location and although the automotive industry and technology of auto repairs has changed and evolved one thing remains steady at Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs, that is the commitment to honesty and excellence in their work.

In addition to providing exceptional auto repairs, Joe is also heavily involved in the community. In fact, he is a member of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and Community Association. Joe himself is a supporter of hospice work and a contributor to the local church pantry. Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs has long been a sponsor of town and school sports teams as well.

Meet Our Team

  • Joe Riscica Sr.- Founder
    Joe Riscica Sr.Founder
    Joe, a Blue Seal ASE-Certified Auto Technician, started working at his uncle’s gas station when he was very young. He grew up around cars, and always wanted to figure things out. Eventually, he went to work in a dealership, and then another and then another, figuring out along the way that he needed to start his own repair shop business, so that he could treat customers the way they deserved to be treated. While he loved working in the field, he knew there was so much more he could learn and do, both professionally and personally. In the community, Joe is a baseball sponsor for Little League, a contributor to the Food Pantry at the local church, and a proud and active supporter of hospice work.
  • Joe Riscica Jr. – Manager
    Joe Riscica Jr.Owner
    You’ll be greeted by another great smile from Joe Jr., who has grown up around cars and has worked in the family business from a very young age. Joe Jr. has earned a two-year degree in automotive technology at Suffolk County Community College, is an ASE-Certified Technician, and has attended Service Writer School in Glendale, California. He has a vast knowledge of the automotive field and a strong desire to provide the best and most professional work on each and every vehicle we service.
  • Peter Calderaro- Service Writer
    Peter CalderaroService Writer

    Peter has been with Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs since 2005, and is an invaluable employee. He has worked in the auto repair industry since he was very young, and as an excellent Service Writer, customer satisfaction is priority number one! Whether it’s an oil change or a major repair, he takes pride in what we do at Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs. He will always be there to greet you with his great smile, friendly voice, and professional attitude.

  • Fred Motta Technician
    Fred MottaTechnician

    Fred has been at Joe Riscica's Auto Repairs for over 8 years, bringing an excellent skillset and over 15 years of experience to our shop. He is a very dedicated employee, and always tries to help our customers. Fred speaks Spanish fluently—se habla espanol—and is an ASE-Certified Auto Technician.

  • John Homan Technician
    John HomanTechnician

    John is a very diligent worker and he has been with us since 2014. He is a Blue Seal ASE-Certified Master Technician with dealership experience, and he came to us with excellent diagnostic skills. John has been a great addition to the team at Joe Riscica's Auto Repairs.

  • Anuel Contreras
    Anuel ContrerasTechnician

    My name is Anuel Contreras I have been working as an auto technician for nearly 9 years. Growing up I used to have a mini dirt bike which I enjoyed keeping maintenance and repairing. At a very young age, my dad would teach me how to fix basic stuff on cars, which I found fascinating and enjoy doing it. My interest in cars led me to my first job at a body shop while attending high school. Working there gave me the drive and motivation to pursue a career as an auto technician. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in an auto technician program and soon after that, I started working as an auto tech. I worked at a transmission shop for a year, where I gained great knowledge and experience. Then I worked at a dealership for 2 more years where I specialize in auto repairs and customer service. After that, I worked at another shop for nearly 5 years. Working as an auto tech has been a great experience and the best career path I’ve chosen. I`m very passionate about what I do, I love helping others and I always give it my best to provide my customers with excellent service.

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