If your car, truck or SUV breaks down, you want to know that it will be diagnosed correctly and repaired quickly. If you need complex services such as brakes and rotors repair, transmission repair, automotive air conditioning repair or other services, you can count on Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs of Deer Park, New York, to get your vehicle up and running again. We also do oil changes and diagnose check engine light warnings. We have provided quality repair services for almost 40 years.
We operate on the principles of honesty and reliability and treat our customers with care and regard. We understand the inconvenience of breakdowns and make every effort to repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently.


  • Brakes and rotors repair.
  • Check engine light malfunctions.
  • Oil change and lube.
  • Scheduled maintenance, including fleet maintenance.
  • Automotive air conditioning repair.
  • Check engine diagnostics and repair.
  • DMV inspections for diesel trucks.
  • Hybrid car repairs and maintenance.

Although these are our most common services, we also provide a full range of standard and specialized services, including engine overhauls and replacements, electrical system repairs, exhaust services and suspension repairs. If your car or truck needs service, or if the check engine light suddenly comes on, speak to one of our ASE-certified technicians about the problem. We will thoroughly check out your vehicle, sort out the problems and schedule service to get your car road-ready again.

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